Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite)

Liquid Bleach Helps Keep America Safe

Understanding How Bleach Helps Keep America Safe

Did you know?

Sodium hypochlorite (the essential substance in bleach) has been the gold standard treatment for our nation’s water systems for more than a century. And for the past six decades, HASA has been dedicated to keeping the tap water we drink, the industrial-use water applications that American business depends on, and the recreational swimming pool water that millions of families enjoy Safe, Clean, and Clear year-round.
Liquid Bleach Helps Keep America Safe
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HASA: Clearly Better

Our trusted liquid chlorinating compound has three primary uses:

  • Industrial and commercial water sanitization and purification
  • Municipal water supply sanitization and wastewater disinfection
  • Recreational swimming pool and spa sanitization

Sodium hypochlorite is one of the most trusted ingredients used to keep tap water safe to drink, and our recreational and industrial water protected from parasites and bacteria. Sodium hypochlorite makes it possible to enjoy the many water sources that touch our daily lives.

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HASA’s premier Sani-Clor®, Hasachlor® and Multi-Chlor® all offer the highest quality, longest lasting concentration 12.5% sodium hypochlorite on the market today. Our liquid sanitizer products are trusted to treat the water relied upon by millions of businesses in countless industries across America.

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From Outdoor Use to Indoor Surfaces

HASA Sani-Clor®, Hasachlor® and our Classic Bleach can also be used indoors to sanitize homes and businesses.

The same HASA product used outdoors to treat swimming pools can now clean indoor places that are frequently touched and handled. HASA liquid sanitizer, when properly diluted, is great for use in bathrooms, floors and nonporous, non-food contact surfaces in common living areas, garages, patios and offices.

Please refer to dosing instructions below to learn more about how HASA sanitizer helps to assist businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.


It's All in the Science

According to the American Chemistry Council (ACC), “Chlorine is produced from one of nature’s most plentiful and inexhaustible minerals—common salt, sodium chloride. Yes, the same white solid you sprinkle on your baked potato!”

“Chlorine chemistry plays a key role in protecting our drinking water and helping to keep swimming pools healthy. It safely eliminates bacteria, viruses and parasites from water and ensures lasting disinfection during the journey from the water treatment facility to the faucet.”
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The Long Heritage of Liquid Sanitization

Sodium hypochlorite has a long and trusted history. Liquid chlorinating compounds have been used in municipal drinking water for the past century, and in swimming treatment for more than 50 years. This trusted water treatment technology is truly a part of the American story.

A Part of the American Story...

Even in the early part of the 20th Century, waterborne diseases such as typhoid and dysentery were common and accounted for fatalities even in the U.S. The introduction of chlorine in drinking water marked a major advancement in public heath and helped to eradicate everyday health ills and sanitize our nation’s tap water. It has enabled industries across vertical sectors to ensure that pathogens and bacteria remain out of essential water systems.

Similarly, sodium hypochlorite was introduced as the leading method of swimming pool and hot tub sanitization mid-century and has been the de facto gold standard method for keeping one of our favorite national pastimes safe. To this day, it plays a vital role in protecting one of leading forms of outdoor recreation in seasonally warm months healthy and enjoyable for millions of families across America.

HASA is proud to be a part of this heritage—helping to keep our water Safe, Clean, and Clear since 1964.

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Check out this informative video, courtesy of on the heritage of liquid sanitizer and municipal drinking water.

An Eco-Safe Solution

As the de facto standard for liquid sanitization, HASA products including Hasachlor®, Multi-Chlor® and Sani-Clor® have set the bar for reliability and sustainability since our inception. Sodium hypochlorite is made from naturally derived products. Once used, it returns to salt, safe for our oceans and communities.

Celebrating 60 of HASA Sustainability

Get Educated!

The more you know about the many merits of sodium hypochlorite liquid sanitizer, the more you can benefit and help keep industry—and your customers—informed.

  • Cost-saving
  • Superior protection against bacteria and germs
  • Treats multiple water systems and sources
  • No unnecessary additives
  • Easy to transport
  • Helps protect our fragile eco-system

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Discover why HASA is the go-to source for premier water treatment and sanitization on the market today—and why more major industries are turning to liquid sodium hypochlorite as the most trusted, economical water decontaminant available.

HASA is a sustainable brand committed to our environment

“Access to Safe, Clean, and Clear water is a basic human need.  HASA was founded on the   legacy of delivering high quality products to meet this need, and we will continue this legacy with new sustainable practices through the next century and beyond.”  

 Chris Brink, President & CEO, HASA, Inc.

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