You Have a Choice
When It Comes
to Your Pool Care

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Because What Goes Into Your Pool Matters.

When you’re looking for safe, high-quality premium pool supplies for your residential pool, choose the liquid pool sanitizer that’s been trusted for nearly 60 years. Only HASA liquid sanitizer can ensure a Safe, Clean and Clear beautiful sparkling blue pool year-round. Whether you care for your backyard pool yourself or rely on a trusted outside pool service professional, HASA has the purest, freshest liquid pool sanitizer available—offering better value and safety for regular shock and daily sanitizing than dry product.
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It's What the Pros Use

Replace Trichlor Tablets with HASA’s Safer Liquid

Pool service professionals who understand the benefits of liquid pool sanitizer know that it offers a host of advantages over dry tablets or cal hypo granular product. Liquid pool chlorine doesn’t add unwanted ingredients like cyanuric acid (CYA) or calcium. High levels of CYA can keep chlorine from doing its job to keep your pool free from bacteria, parasites, and algae.

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Sani-Clor® offers:

  • Highest available chlorine
  • Best cost per use
  • No unnecessary byproducts
  • All-in-one solution (for regular shock & daily sanitizing)
  • Crystal, clear sparkling blue water
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Choosing HASA liquid sanitizer to treat your backyard pool is more beneficial and makes better financial sense than using tabs or granular products.

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Here's Why:

Compare the Value between
Liquid and Dry Granular

Daily Sanitizing

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Weekly Shock

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Try Sani-Clor® with our
New Liquid Feeder

Backyard Pool Sanitizing Made Easy!

Want less mess and no stress when it comes to your pool care routine? HASA’s daily sanitizing system, the HASA Liquid Feeder has you covered!

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Key Features

  • Automated dispensing of Sani-Clor® liquid
  • Feeds whenever the pump filter is running
  • No additional CYA or calcium
  • Simple, non-electrical and easy to install
  • Best cost per use and value on the market!
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Got Hard Water?
No Problem!

Your HASA Liquid FeederWill Still Do the Job


Did You Know?

HASA pool sanitizer is used by the world’s most renowned resorts.

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Because HASA liquid sanitizer provides
a purer form of chlorine.

Liquid pool chlorine doesn’t cause cloudiness, create calcium scale build-up, or add additional unnecessary chemicals to the water—the result is translucent, brilliant blue water with each use.

Protecting Our Planet

HASA has pioneered the industry’s most advanced eco-friendly pool care solution. Our Sani-Clor® 4×1 returnable product cases (four bottles of product in one handy, signature yellow carrying case) directly help the pool care industry to lower carbon footprint. With this system, HASA keeps more than 25 million plastic bottles out of our oceans and landfills each year—that’s more than 350 million plastic bottles in total since the program began.
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