HASA Premium Water Treatment Products

Hasachlor ®

High quality sodium hypochlorite for pools and spas delivered in recyclable packaging.

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HASA’s highest performance professional grade sodium hypochlorite for pools delivered in our unique returnable package.

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Multi-Chlor ®

HASA’s high performance multi-purpose 12.5% sodium hypochlorite for a variety of applications that require bleach.

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Aura Klor

A sodium-free version of bleach with unique environmental benefits.

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Muriatic Acid

Industry-standard 31.45% HCL used to control pH and for other swimming pool applications.

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Drip Irrigation

Sodium Hypochlorite Is Second to None

Manufacturing, filtering and transportation are key to the HASA commitment to quality. Together, these three factors allow us to control every aspect of our supply chain—from the purchase of raw materials to the filling of your tank. It gives us the confidence to say, without exception, that HASA products will consistently perform better and reduce overall costs.

Not All Sodium Hypochlorite Is Created Equal
hasa truck

Our Delivery Exceeds Expectations

Manufactured locally and delivered by our own fleet, HASA reduces transit time and product degradation.  Because we are a manufacturer and not just a product distributor, we adhere to our own specifications and high standards—delivering customized solutions for the valued businesses we serve.

“HASA utilizes a high-performance filter and production process to extend the shelf life of our sodium hypochlorite. Our purer more concentrated 12.5% sodium hypochlorite requires less chemical use—and eliminates extra sediment and heavy metals from tanks and piping. As a result, HASA’s Mini-Bulk product maintains its freshness longer and offers customers a more cost-advantageous and trusted solution.”

 Rob Bzdil, Executive Vice President, HASA Inc

Markets Served

HASA’s industrial-grade water treatment solutions ensure that the water sources your business depends on remain free of dangerous microbiological organisms, algae, acidic imbalance, corrosion and waterborne contaminants.

Whether its for our Industrial and Commercial customers, or to service multiple Municipal Water systems throughout the Western United States, HASA delivers the purest, freshest and highest concentration liquid chlorinating compound available.

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Why Select HASA?








High Quality


Certification and

Discover why HASA is the go-to source for premier water treatment and sanitization on the market today—and why more major industries are turning to liquid sodium hypochlorite as the most trusted, economical water decontaminant available.

HASA is a sustainable brand committed to our environment

“Access to Safe, Clean, and Clear water is a basic human need.  HASA was founded on the   legacy of delivering high quality products to meet this need, and we will continue this legacy with new sustainable practices through the next century and beyond.”  

 Chris Brink, President & CEO, HASA, Inc.

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