Water is all around us.

HASA Makes it Safe, Clean, and Clear for our Growing World.

Clearly Better® liquid chlorine sanitization products since 1964.


High Performance, Premium Industrial Water Treatment

It’s what we do.

HASA has been an industry-leading producer of liquid sodium hypochlorite (commonly known as bleach)—the preferred sanitizer for commercial and industrial water—for the past 55 years. Bleach is readily used across the globe by a myriad of businesses in thousands of different vertical industries to disinfect and protect water sources from contaminants and water-borne pathogens.

It is our mission 365 days a year to keep water treated by HASA products Safe, Clean, and Clear
or the millions of customers, businesses and communities we proudly serve.

Since 1964, HASA has set the highest standards within the liquid sanitization field for:

  • Exceptional manufacturing and product quality
  • Advanced purification technology
  • Materials handling guidelines
  • Expert distribution protocols
  • Unrivaled product freshness (with 24-to-48-hour delivery to most areas served)
  • Excellent customer service and dedicated reps
  • Dedicated commitment to sustainable practices
  • A true partnership with industry—at every level of our business
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Market-leading Liquid Water Sanitization for the Industrial Sector

For nearly six decades, HASA has established and maintained its reputation by manufacturing and delivering the highest quality and the highest concentration sodium hypochlorite available in the market. Companywide, HASA’s water treatment technology solutions are used to sanitize and maintain water systems employed in the recreational, industrial and municipal end markets.

HASA’s Industrial Water Treatment division services the commercial-industrial water sanitization marketplace and drinking water supply network in key U.S. municipalities.

HASA services a variety of vertical industries that depend on our sodium hypochlorite to be delivered at the highest commercial concentrations through either our Bulk or Mini-Bulk transport. We work in tandem with our customer-partners to ensure the safety of water sources vital to their business success and the interests of their constituents in fields such as energy and power, agriculture, food processing, sewage and wastewater treatment, municipal drinking water, and more.

The Advantages of Multi-Chlor® Sodium Hypochlorite

Bleach, or sodium hypochlorite, has been and continues to be one of the most sustainable, available and cost-beneficial ways of sanitizing water for nearly every type of application. A critical aspect of sodium hypochlorite is its shelf-stability, and HASA, with its multiple manufacturing and delivery locations across 9 states, is in a unique position to serve the West Coast and our partners in Texas.

Read more about the history of how sodium hypochlorite has been used for water sanitization for nearly 150 years to help support economic growth, infrastructure development,  and prosperity for millions of water users. 

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The company operates out of 9 production, packaging and distribution facilities supporting:

  • California
  • Arizona
  • Washington
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • Idaho
  • Texas
  • Oklahoma
  • New Mexico

Discover why HASA is the go-to source for premier water treatment and sanitization on the market today—and why more major industries are turning to liquid sodium hypochlorite as the most trusted, economical water decontaminant available.

HASA is a sustainable brand committed to our environment

“Access to Safe, Clean, and Clear water is a basic human need.  HASA was founded on the   legacy of delivering high quality products to meet this need, and we will continue this legacy with new sustainable practices through the next century and beyond.”  

 Chris Brink, President & CEO, HASA, Inc.

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