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Discover more about the value of liquid pool chlorine for the backyard pool.

Talk to your Pool Service Technician or pool supply vendor about why liquid is the preferred choice for the best water color and clarity.

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Designing Spaces TV Feature


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Hear from HASA
Experts discussing:

  • Ways Pool Owners can work with their trusted pool service professional to get the most out of their pool
  • Tips and tricks for ensuring beautiful, crystal-clear pool water
  • Benefits of Sani-Clor® liquid chlorine for regular pool shock and daily sanitizing over tablets
  • Options for automated sanitizer delivery with the hassle-free HASA Liquid Feeder

Visit us to learn more and see why only liquid pool chlorine (the choice of HASA Pool Pros) delivers Safe, Clean, and Clear translucent blue water year-round.


Try Sani-Clor® with our
New HASA Liquid Feeder

Backyard Pool Sanitizing Made Easy!

Want less mess and no stress when it comes to your pool care routine? HASA’s daily sanitizing system, the HASA Liquid Feeder has you covered!

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Key Features:

  • Automated dispensing of Sani-Clor® liquid
  • Feeds whenever the pump filter is running
  • No additional CYA or calcium
  • Simple, non-electrical and easy to install
  • Best cost per use and value on the market!

Learn More

Watch Designing Spaces all summer-long for Pool Care Tips from HASA and learn about the benefits of liquid sanitizer!

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