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What’s Your Pool Care Routine

“I Use a Pool Service Pro”

Using an outside pool professional is a great choice! Relax, enjoy your pool, and rely on the support of a qualified technician. Most pool pros prefer the quality, freshness and high performance of our Sani-Clor® liquid sanitizer. They know that liquid product doesn’t add CYA or calcium—allowing the chlorine in your pool to work most efficiently to cleanse and disinfect your water. Plus, only liquid pool chlorine from HASA (at 12% concentration) can generate the most beautiful, sparking blue pools!

Ask your Pool Pro about HASA Sani-Clor®

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“I Handle My Own Pool Care”

You know how to get the job done yourself—and HASA is here to help every step of the way! Using HASA premium liquid pool chlorine (Sani-Clor® or Hasachlor®) will ensure that you pool looks its best 365 days a year. We’ve got you covered for regular shock and daily sanitizing and offer a better performance and cost value in treating your pool water. With no added CYA or calcium, rest assured you are receiving the highest available chlorine for your pool on the market. Visit our Dealer Locator for a retail store that carries HASA product in your area.

Check out these tips for ways to keep your water in top shape!

Works in All Types of Pools

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Master the
Pool Care Basics

Visit PHTA.org for online courses to help you understand the fundamentals of caring for your pool, and selecting the right pool service professional for your needs.

Seasonal Tips

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Tip 1: Manage the Summer Heat

Evaporation from extreme summer heat can tinker with your water levels. Take care to monitor pool water consistently for greater chlorine performance—and safer swimming for guests and all members of the family—during the peak periods of hot summer weather!

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Tip 2: Make Sanitizing Easy

Want to streamline the daily dispensing of liquid chlorine 365 days a year? The HASA Liquid Feeder automatically feeds liquid sanitizer into your pool year-round, regardless of the season, for greater hassle-free ease of use and better cost savings.

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Tip 3: Year-round Pool Care

At the end of pool season, make sure to check and balance pH and alkalinity levels—along with overall chlorine count—to make pool care and maintenance easier in the “off-months.” This helps to ensure a gorgeous blue pool once warm weather kicks back in.


Have Questions about Your
Pool Maintenance Routine?

Common Pool Owner Issues

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Caring for Your Pool
This Summer

Summertime pool use can take its toll on any backyard pool with more frequent family, friends, child and pet swim time. Read More

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No one wants to jump into green pool water. It’s imperative to prevent unhealthy and dangerous algae build-up. Read More

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Shock Value

Shocking your pool on a regular basis can enhance water quality and health. Plus, liquid chlorine shock helps ensure a crystal-clear appearance. Read More


Importance of
Proper Circulation

Unexpected and new climate conditions require different pool care solutions. Stay informed on ways to be “season savvy.” Read More

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