Algi-Control Concentrate

Quaternary algaecide prevents all types of algae.

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Algi Control Concentrate SDS

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1qt. bottle – #72121


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HASA’s Algi-Control Concentrate requires no special equipment for treating swimming pool water. This product is concentrated and may be added directly to the pool in any spot or added to the water circulation equipment. This product works the best when added by itself in the areas most affected by algae and around the perimeter of the pool.

Algi-Control Concentrate is compatible with most chemicals normally used in swimming pool maintenance, however, in its concentrated form, this chemical should not come in contact with high concentrations of chlorine or any other oxidizer. DO NOT MIX THIS PRODUCT AND CHLORINE OR ANY OXIDIZER TOGETHER before adding to the pool. These chemicals should be handled separately.

Initial Application:

  1. Thoroughly clean filter cartridges or backwash D.E. filter.
  2. Vacuum algae debris and thoroughly brush the pool.
  3. Add 26 ounces of Algi-Control Concentrate for every 50,000 gallons of water.
  4. Filter for 5-6 hours.
  5. Vacuum pool after 24 hours to remove dead algae.
  6. If algae is still visible, repeat steps 3 through 5 until pool is free of visible algae.
  7. Once algae are under control, clean the filter and return to normal operation.

Maintenance Application:
Add 6.5 ounces of Algi-Control Concentrate in 50,000 gallons of water every 3-5 days or as needed.

Booster Application:

Add 6.5 ounces of Algi-Control Concentrate for every 50,000 gallons following heavy or prolonged rainfall or when there is a heavy bathing load.

Vacation Treatment:

  1. Add 4.8oz. of Algi-Control Concentrate per 10,000 gallons of water for every week unattended.
  2. If treating with a chlorinating shock, apply Algi-Control Concentrate on opposite ends of the pool.

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