Tile Brite

Swimming Pool Surface Cleaner. Medium Viscosity Liquid Tile Cleaner.

Safety Data Sheet:
Super Stain-Out SDS


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HASA Tile Brite may be used on all tile and porcelain surfaces in a swimming pool or spa to remove the buildup of oils, soaps, and mineral deposits.

Directions for tile cleaning:

  1. Apply Tile Brite directly to pool tile with a stiff bristle brush or plastic applicator pad.
  2. Rinse with water.

*  For stubborn stains, apply Tile Brite as above and allow to remain on surface for 15 minutes, and repeat brushing action before rinsing.

Clearing surface debris:

  • Squirt Tile Brite down the middle of the pool to move debris to the outside perimeter of the pool.
  • Squirt Tile Brite around the outer perimeter of the pool to move debris towards the middle of the pool.

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