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HASA is pleased to offer a series of “how to” video tutorials, along with other recent content about liquid bleach and our Sani-Clor® sodium hypochlorite sanitizer to maintain pools and hot tubs. Now, watch HASA videos in Spanish!


Chlorine vs. CYA

What Exactly Is Liquid Chlorine?

Shocking with Salt Chlorine Generators

Hard Water Instructions for HASA Liquid Feeder Users

Sulfuric Acid vs. Muriatic Acid


How Chlorine Works

Tri-Chlor is Killing Your ORP

Galvanic Corrosion

Product Information

Algae Control Concentrate

Algae Control


Alkalinity Up

Aura Klor

HT Brominating Tabs

HT Bromine Reserve

HT Clarifier


Dry Acid

Eco Safe Enzymes

HT Eco Safe Spa Enzyme

Eco-Safe Water Clarifier

Eco Safe with phos out

HT Filter Soak

Gysar Tile Brite





Muriatic Acid

HT Neutralizer



HT pH Decreaser

HT pH Increaser

Phos Out

Phos Out Plus

Pool Conditioner


Soda Ash

HT Spa Foam Out

HT Stain Out

Stain Out

Tile Brite




Vídeos en Español

HASA ahora se complace en ofrecer nuestros videos en español para nuestros valiosos profesionales de la piscina.

ESP How Chlorine Works

ESP Phosphates

ESP Shocking with Salt Chlorine Generators

ESP Sulfuric Acid or Muriatic Acid

ESP Super Chlorination with a Salt Generator

ESP Understanding CYA

ESP What exactly is Liquid Chlorine

IG60 ESP How Chlorine Works

IG60 ESP Phosphates

IG60 ESP Shocking with Salt Chlorine Generators

IG60 ESP Super Chlorination with a Salt Generator

IG60 ESP Understanding CYA

For more information, please reach out to HASA Pool’s water treatment expert Terry Arko at
Terry is a Certified Pool and Spa Operator (CPO®) and CPO® Instructor, and active member of the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance (Legacy APSP) Recreational Water Quality Committee (RWQC).

Discover why HASA is the go-to source for premier water treatment and sanitization on the market today—and why more major industries are turning to liquid sodium hypochlorite as the most trusted, economical water decontaminant available.

HASA is a sustainable brand committed to our environment

“Access to Safe, Clean, and Clear water is a basic human need.  HASA was founded on the   legacy of delivering high quality products to meet this need, and we will continue this legacy with new sustainable practices through the next century and beyond.”  

 Chris Brink, President & CEO, HASA, Inc.

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